You do not know what network marketing is and why is it the future?

Network marketing is based mainly on sales, building a network of contacts, creating relationships with people as well as building a structure from which profit and passive income are generated.

Network marketing is quite a controversial topic in many countries, because the society is mainly focused on the profit of ‘traditional’ full-time work. It is due to living in the system, which brings up people since birth, teaching them to get high education, so that it is will easier for them to find this type of employment and then go to a well-paid and honest job. One more reason that comes to my mind is the situation in which we must choose the direction in which we want to go in further life. As a rule, this is the period before taking the choice ‘are we going to study, aren’t we going to study?’. Choosing university we are already automatically focused on the fact that we want to finish a given direction and look for a job in this direction. Self – fulfilment is in the last place. Nobody thinks then to create something of their own. It’s an error.

Another reason why network marketing is being pushed into the background is the society which we’re living in. You probably noticed that the majority of the community is quite uneducated and simply does not understand and rejects at the very beginning the idea of earning money online and that you can get profit in this way. Things are different in Western countries. There, internet marketing is a form of earning money like any other because these countries are much more progressive and developed, which transfers into a completely different mental structure of people living there.

There are many reasons why network marketing is the future, starting from the main:

you can earn a lot of money (here automation of your business works: you work on something for the first months, so that later the system you worked on, generates profit itself).

Can you imagine that devoting only 7 minutes per day, you can earn $5 000 monthly?

Here you operate with a certain template and automated system.

And what if you are a director in a company and you also earn $10 000 monthly? Great! BUT – notice what your obligations must be!

– continuous supervision of people,
– guarding documents,
– solving serious problems,
– something’s wrong? You have a hoarseness for someone that you let him break something,
– high responsibility,
– you work 8h every day – 160h per month and sometimes more!

Now imagine that you are an internet marketer and you earn $5 000 per month.

– you dedicate to work 2h – 3h DAILY,
– you have plenty of free time for your girlfriend, wife, husband, children, dog or cat,
you can go on a 2-week vacation without worrying about losing half a month, i.e. $ 2 500… Because the system will earn it for you,
you do not have a whining boss who always does not like something,