After the last webinar, we learned about new products at FutureNet, which will be introduced in the nearest future.


We learned that since December 2017 the amount of people in the company has grown up from 1.9 million to 3 million. It is a huge result and a big success for the company that is growing faster every day.

In June 2018, the largest transfer in the history of MLM took place and another 1.5 million people were engaged into the company.

Until now, 100 futuromats were to be sold (a modern ATM with no limits mainly to sell/buy FuturoCoin cryptocurrencies). There are already 25,000 futuromats! By the end of this year, there will be 100,000 Futuromats around the world!


FuturoCoin will appear soon on the Bittrex and CoinMarketCup exchanges. Entry to subsequent stocks may immediately cause further increases in the FuturoCoin’s price on the stock exchange. Recently, the price has risen by as much as 800%!

Another interesting thing is that by September of this year 4 million points where you will pay by FuturoCoin are expected to appear.

The fourth edition of earning at FutureNet is going live at the event in China in September. It is to apply in all countries and continents. Thanks to future businesses FutureNet will become even more stable and safer.

In addition, we can enjoy the first FutureNet Cafe and restaurant.

FutureNet Cafe

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