Rockwall Investments

Your money should be your slave, not your master. Here at Rockwall we know it very well. That’s why we are here to multiply funds 24/7 without a single break, even for a second. Relax and enjoy the fact of not having to work for your money. Because now money works for you.

Rockwall Investments

Rockwall Investments is another investment business that I checked carefully and after a month I came to the conclusion that it is the perfect investment program for every person for every pocket! First of all, I was convinced by the business model, marketing plan and three business models, including passive income (Integra) and one more model in the process of developing based on investing in real estate.

Additionally, the company provides a guarantee of capital protection!

The funds deposited by the Users into the FUSION and ESTATE programs are guaranteed up to the amount of the deposit, therefore they are not endangered by any risks.

So the company is obliged to return the entire deposit invested in case something happens.

What is earning at Rockwall Investments based on?

Rockwall Investments gives you the opportunity to earn money in 3 ways.

Way I – Mining Packages

The first way is to make money through ‘Mining’, i.e. buying the computing power to extract cryptovalutes.


How does the mining package work?

After purchasing the computing power, the company extracts for us a given cryptovalute. We receive payments once every 2 weeks with the possibility of immediate payment to the portfolio on the stock exchange and cash. Such a package works for 730 days with as much computing power as we decide when purchasing the package. Calculations depend on the purchased computing power and the situation on the stock exchange.

It is best to wait the whole period, i.e. 730 days and wait for the period when a given cryptocurrency will be at a satisfactory price for us to sell it with a large profit. This is a way of long-term earnings for a few years.

The cryptocurrencies that we can extract are BTC, DASH, FTO, ZEC, ETH, ETC and UBQ.

Rockwall Investments

Way II – Investment packages Integra

The second way of earning money is Integra, i.e. the purchase of investment packages with which Rockwall trades on the stock exchange and shares its profits. It is a form of earning completely passive, the only thing we have to do is to look at Our panel from time to time and re-invest your funds in further packages so that we can increase our investment wallet.


How does the investment package work?

The minimum investment amount is $50, that’s how much one package costs. The more investment packages we buy, the more we earn. Each package generates 140% of the profit, i.e. when one package expires, we have $70, i.e. we have earned $20 in pure profit.

Rockwall Investments

Each package generates up to 1.6% per day and when our packages work out $50 we can reinvest this money in another package, thus increasing our investment wallet by $50.

Rockwall Investments


Suppose you have purchased an investment package for $5,000. Your daily payments will be up to $80, if you reinvest funds all the time, after a month you will no longer have $5,000 to work with, but $6,550 and after two months it will be $8,100.

Each package after $140% – $70 is earned closes and expires.

Way III – Matrixes (Shields)

The third way is matrixes. You earn money on the matrixes at the time of sale. So when your referred person buys a matrix you get 8% of its value.

Rockwall Investments

Each matrix is filled after 39 direct sales or drops from a person above. So if your sponsor recommends a matrix and it is full, then you automatically get this person into your matrix.

Rockwall Investments

When you close a matrix you get 20 times its value. So if you close a $10 matrix you get $200, if you close a $50 matrix you get $1,000, if you close a $200 matrix you get $4,000. And when you close a $1,000 matrix you receive as much as $20,000!


Team building

An additional (not required) way to earn more, or even achieve unlimited earnings is to build a team and invite people willing to cooperate with us. For each referral of the program, the company rewards us with a commission system.

We receive commission for the direct referral of the company, the company grants us from 5% to 8% commission on the number of investment packages that a new person purchased. We receive such payments up to level 5 of our structure.

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Rockwall Investments


Summary – How do I start earning money?

  1. To start earning money register for FREE to Rockwall Investments from this link >>>CLICK<<<.
  2. Buy investment packages, the more the better. With more, you have a better start and earn more.
  3. You don’t have to do anything, except to check the panel from time to time and re-invest. The program increases your investments up to 1.6% per day. Investment packages expire when you make 140% of your profit, so you have a return on costs and 40% of your profit ($50 -> $70).
  4. If you don’t know how to buy investment packages, don’t know how to navigate the program, write to me on Facebook’a  or via the contact form, as soon as I read the message I will immediately help you.


Register Now


How to buy your first investment packages?

Log in to Rockwall Investments and enter the ‘Statistics’ tab.

Rockwall Investments

Scroll down and select ‘Balance Top – up’.

Rockwall Investments

Enter the amount you want to invest. Then choose the payment method, I recommend ‘Coin Payments’ via cryptocurrencies and choose Balance Top – Up.

Rockwall Investments


If you don’t know how to deposit funds by means of cryptocurrencies, or you don’t have any cryptocurrencies, you can also make a deposit through payment processors such as Perfect Money or AdvCash.

We fill in our data, choose the cryptocurrency, which we want to deposit in our wallet – I recommend Bitcoin. Then choose ‘Buy’.

Rockwall Investments

We send the required number of bitcoins to the given wallet address. After a while they will be booked and our packages will be ready to work.

Rockwall Investments