Bitbay Exchange Platform

Bitbay Exchange Platform is a Polish exchange platform operating in the cryptocurrency industry. We can trade on it, i.e. buy, sell, rotate our cryptocurrencies.

Giełda Bitbay

Making money on the Bitbay exchange platform is about buying cheaper and selling more. There is no limit in the number of transactions we can make, we can rotate cryptocurrency as much as we want.

On the Bitbay market we can buy and sell such cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lisk, Game, Monero, as well as Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple and Futurocoin. Due to large increases and large falls in cryptocurrencies, we can earn a lot and lose a lot. That is why for those with a lack of experience I suggest starting with a smaller investment, then add capital according to the skills obtained. I suggest starting with the amount of USD 1,000 – 3,000. If you are an experienced trader, invest as much as you want. On the cryptocurrency market, you can make money like this:

USD Market

Euro Market

Bitbay exchange platform allows us to make payments in such currencies as USD, Euro and PLN. The Bitbay exchange platform gives us an opportunity to decide on which market we want to trade with our capital, e.g. Ethereum / PLN, Ethereum / USD, Ethereum / Euro, as well as Ethereum / Bitcoin.


How to deposit money on Bitbay and how to withdraw it later?

We deposit money through a traditional transfer from your bank account. It is VERY IMPORTANT that the deposit title is correct, otherwise the funds will not be credited. After sending the transfer, we wait for the money transferred to be posted. The payment period depends on the banking session.


You can withdraw money from the Bitbay exchange via a traditional bank transfer, too.



How to read the stock market panel and chart?

At the very beginning, familiarising yourself with the sections of the stock exchange panel can be a bit embarrassing. But after some time and with more experience you will feel yourself at the panel like in your own four walls.

(Click to zoom):

Bitcoin Exchange

  1. Current exchange rates, recent declines or increases in %.
  2. The section in which we place an offer to buy or sell.
  3. Offers to buy.
  4. Sale offers.
  5. History of recent transactions, green (BID sale), red (buy ASK).
  6. Volume is the number of cryptocurrency bought and sold in the last 24h. The larger the Volume, the greater the interest in this market.
  7. We buy at this point.
  8. We sell at this point.

Before you place your first transaction, you should also acknowledge with the types of candles and how to read charts.


Bitbay Affiliate Program

At Bitbay, we can also earn money by recommending the stock market and building a team, namely we earn 20% of the turnover of each person. We can earn every cryptocurrency depending on which market trades the person that was recommended by us.

(Click to zoom):

Affiliate Program


How to start earning money on the Bitbay exchange?

Register at the stock market by clicking the banner below.

Register Now


  1. Sign up for Exchange Bitbay from the above banner.
  2. Be sure to immediately verify your account, you can not deposit or withdraw money without verification.
  3. When your account is verified, deposit USD or Euro via a regular bank transfer.
  4. Start exchanging cryptocurrencies, when your funds are posted.
  5. If you do not know how to perform any of the above points or have any questions, be sure to contact me via Facebook or by filling out the contact form.